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On November 19th a group of twenty students and two staff advisors (Mr. Thomson and Miss Burnett) boarded a bus en route to Niagara, Ontario for OSLC – the Ontario Student Leadership Conference. Hosted at the Sheraton-on-the-Falls, OSLC is a three day conference jam-packed with Spirit Sessions, keynote speakers, and workshops which all celebrate the integral importance of leadership and the various qualities exemplified by leaders.

After arriving at the hotel, the representatives of CKSS, clad in their spirit wear, prepared for a long day ahead of them. With a total of 2300 leaders from over 200 schools, the excitement on the first day was palpable. Leaders spent the day listening to inspiring words from speakers in between lively spirit sessions with lots of dancing and cheering.

Although it was an educational conference, there was definitely room for fun – in more ways than one. On the second night, leaders chose between a dance, bouncy castles, a movie room, and a “chill-out” room as their way to spend the evening. Leaders from all over Ontario got to know students and teachers from other schools.  The events were the perfect opportunities to have fun and mingle.

When asked about the most important lesson that she took away from the conference, Rubani Gill, the Secretary Treasurer of Student Activities Council, said, “The one thing that really stuck with me was a simple statement made by one of the speakers. He said, ‘If you’re the most positive person in your friend group, you need to find a new friend group.’ It resonated with me because I’ve always believed that positivity is key, and it’s also extremely important to surround yourself with positive people.”

Overall, OSLC was full of life lessons, great ideas, and fun! It was all about likeminded people coming together to celebrate exactly what they’re passionate about – leadership.


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