Tackling a New Semester

Tackling a New Semester

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By: Alina Yusufzai

2016, the new year. Just as the excitement of the new year dies down, we begin to ask ourselves, “What will I do differently second semester?” Well, as always, the Spectator has got you covered; here is a list of ways to tackle a brand new semester:


1) Set Goals:

Goals are very important in order to achieve your aspirations, but make sure to set realistic and timely goals that you know you can achieve with a little hard work and determination!


2) Join more clubs and teams:

There are so many ways to get involved in our school community! Join a new club or explore a new interest, and it’s bound to pay off! Can’t find a club you want to join? Start your own!


3) Take notes, and listen:

A key to doing well in class is taking detailed notes and paying attention. Make sure you note down important points and listen, it will make studying and homework much easier! Also, your teacher will also be very impressed with your ability to complete homework by referencing the lessons!


4) Don’t procrastinate:

We all procrastinate, it’s true. This semester commit to what you should be doing, while also allotting time for well deserved breaks. This will allow you to get work done quickly and effectively without overwhelming yourself.


5) Be open to possibilities:

This semester, decide that you will be more open to new ideas, and will take some chances by stepping out of your comfort zone. By doing this, you give yourself the chance to explore avenues and paths that may end up teaching you more about yourself and those around you. If we stay closed off our entire lives, we close many doors of experience and opportunity. Be open to opportunities and explore new subjects, books, and maybe even countries! To learn we must experience, and I wish you all the best in doing this and all other endeavors!


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