Turnbull and Tom Thomson

Turnbull and Tom Thomson

On November 12th, students from both the grade 12 drama class and grade 10-12 musical theatre class went on a field trip to see the production of “Colours in the Storm” at Oakville Players Theatre. This musical tells the story of Tom Thomson, one of Canada’s most loved painters. Set in Algonquin Park, it discusses everything from his first years in the park, to the mystery of his sudden death.

The students were extremely excited to cheer on one of their favourite teachers, Mr. Turnbull, in his role of Mark Robinson; a park ranger who becomes one of Thomson’s few friends. They all agreed that both his acting and singing skills stole the show, making him one of the most memorable characters.

They were also amazed at the incredible sets they saw on stage. One scene in particular featured a moving canoe in which Tom Thomson and Mark Robinson (Mr. Turnbull’s character) sing a comedic song about the one (fish) that got away. The set also featured projections of the real Tom Thomson’s artwork, used to set the scene and create a backdrop to the play.

“Colours in the Storm” was a very interesting musical. It was unlike anything the students had seen, with very mature and important themes about Canadian history. It was a joy to see Mr. Turnbull perform in a setting outside of school and the students who were in the audience were proud of all the work that he and the rest of the cast put in.


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